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Goat butter is a very healthy gourmet flavor; with its smooth and creamy texture. The absence of casein in goat butter, the ingredient which often triggers allergies in lactose-intolerant people, makes goat butter a very healthy product for everyday use.

The regenerated Baltalı Pasteurized Goat Butter is now produced remaining entirely faithful to traditional methods.

Baltalı Goat Butter produced from daily pasteurized 100% goat milk through the churning method, is pure white in color because any yellow beta carotene that is present in goat milk is converted to Vitamin A.

Goat Butter has the same consistency and texture of cow milk butter, but melts at a rather lower temperature; thus making it an excellent spread. Goat Butter is ideal for cooking, and can be spread on toast, added to eggs, or used in just about any way already used for cow milk butter.

This unique flavor for which the production process lasts for three days in our Dairy, is available on the shelves in the 200gr packages you are accustomed to from Baltalı Büş Cheese. Or you can take it from the delicatessen section by weighing it in hand-shaped packages of 300gr.

It’s such a wonderful flavor, make it a treat!

Nutrition Facts (per 100 ml)
Energy (kcal/kJ) 74.4 / 321.4
Fat (g) 8.2