The benefits of goat milk on health are known to mankind since the very early stages in history. Though, the care of these special and beautiful animals demands attentive maternal care. Due to such hardship, goat milk production and products from 100% goat milk have been neglected for so long in Turkey. We, Baltali Gida, started our journey through building a goat farm back in 2008 that came in effect early 2009. Our dairy that shares the same land with our farm started processing in 2010. Thus, as a first time in Turkey we had the privilege of offering our dear customers 100% goat milk products of daily pasteurized milk, UHT milk, traditional Turkish and French cheese, butter and kefir and many other delicious products.

Duzce Village History

Duzce Village has its roots dating back to the Hellenistic period; antique Heraklia City. During the Ottoman period as well, Duzce Village was a center of life. The Village today preserves the remaining of the “single minaret-square planned” “Kasim Celebi Mosque” that has the “Kasim Celebi Madrasah” in its court and an “early stage Ottoman bath”. Seferihisar’s Duzce Village was known as Hereke up until 1968. The Bay of Azmak unites the Village with the marvelous Aegean Sea. Every year on the 19th of August, Duzce Village and other nearby villages gather in Azmak Bay to celebrate the traditional sea education day. Duzce Village is famous for its citrus fruits and artichoke production alongside animal husbandry.