As Baltali Gida, within our business establishment at Izmir Seferihisar, Duzce Village; we have a goat farm and a dairy unit that process solely goat milk.

Both; our goat farm, where we breed dairy goats through natural procedures and our dairy, that produces 100% goat milk products without any additives or preservatives, have been enjoying great interest from consumers.

We are honored and pleased by the interest you have shown in our work. Yet, due to our high hygiene standards we cannot open our farm and dairy facilities for visitors.

However, at our web site, facebook and instagram pages we remain dedicated to sharing news about our work and events; photographs from the farm and the dairy.

Please write and ask us all the questions that you have in mind. We are very happy to share what we know and answer your questions. Your opinions and proposals are of great value to us.