Baltali 100% Goat Milk Strained Yoghurt

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Forget everything you know about the strained yoghurt!
The health and the unique taste of 100% goat milk are now captured within Baltali Strained Yoghurt.  The 160 gr packages guarantee satisfaction meeting a good chunk of the daily protein (16%) and calcium (28%) intake requirement.
This delicious and nutritious flavor can be consumed in every age; whether at breakfast or in between meals; plain or with the fruit you are craving for; or eat it garnished with a little bit of honey as dessert without sacrificing your health.
100% goat milk in the shape of Baltali Strained Yoghurt that is high in protein and calcium can be easily digested by your baby.  For the healthy growth of babies allergic to cow’s milk Baltali Strained Yoghurt is already an invincible product.  A package of Baltali Strained Yoghurt each day is the most tasty calcium source for your bones.
Just dream how you would choose to eat Baltali Strained Yoghurt and Bon Appétit!